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Russia FIFA 2018

The FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot

FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot

The FIFA world cup 2018 is all set to begin within few months. Fans are waiting for the tournament to begin and are eager to search for various things associated with FIFA World Cup 2018 such as FIFA world cup 2018 official theme song, FIFA world cup 2018 mascot, FIFA world cup schedule, teams etc. A lot of excitement is built in the hearts and brains of the fans.


From the year 1966, each and every FIFA world cup tournament has a unique mascot. Mascot means one or more than one anthropomorphic characters which are specially built, made and targeted at children with cartoon shows. Other merchandising which are released for coinciding with the tournament are also a part of FIFA world cup mascots.



Hence,This time a wolf has been chosen as the FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot has been named as Zabivaka. The 2018 FIFA World Cup official Mascot Zabivaka is a wolf which radiates confidence, fun and charm related with the tournament. Zabivaka is a Russian word which means “the one who scores”. The FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot has been designed by Ekaterina Bocharova, who is a student.

Therefore FIFA World Cup 2018 Mascot has been selected by voting process in a live show on Russia’s Channel 1, which was proved to be the most engaging and creative process for Mascot selection for FIFA world cup. The 2018 FIFA World Cup official Mascot Zabivaka has won the contest with 53 percent of votes.

2018 FIFA World Cup official Mascot Zabivaka Biography

Here is the short biography for the 2018 FIFA world cup official Mascot Zabivaka, in relevance with the FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Stream tournament.

The wolf

He may be the most youthful player in the squad; however no one can discover anybody quicker, bolder or more skilful with a football. Wolf’s ability almost contributes to his team for winning the match.

Key Characteristics

  • He is confident, charming and social. He has always dreamt of becoming a star of football.
  • His favourite sport is football. Being a fair player, he values the members of his teams and respects his opponents as well. He always play with skills and purpose.
  • He is considered to be a joker in the pack. He always make everyone laugh in his team and is fun to be around.
  • While in action during the game, he wears cool sports glasses. He has a believe that he gets special targeting powers on the pitch. He loves to give poses for photos.

 Past Mascots of FIFA World Cup

The FIFA world cup 2018 Mascot is Zabivaka, the wolf. Here is a list of few past mascots of FIFA world cup, which were proved to be successful mascots for the tournament.

  • Brazil 2014- Fuleco, a brazillian three banded armadillo.
  • South Africa 2010 – Zakumi, a leopard.
  • Germany 2006 – Pille, a lion.
  • South Korea 2002 – Ato, Kaz and Nik, the computer generated creatures.
  • France 1998 – Footix, a cockerel.
  • United States 1994 – Striker, a dog.
  • Italy 1990 – Ciao, a stick figure player.