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Group B Match – Morocco vs Iran-FIFA World Cup Live Streaming

FIFA World Cup Live Streaming – Group B Match – Morocco vs. Iran

15th June 2018 – Second day of FIFA World Cup 2018 and Morocco will be against IR Iran. The match will be held at Krestovsky Stadium and will start around 16:00 hours. Therefore, If we look at the recent matches of both the teams, it seems that both teams are going to fight for the best title because they were terrific in the last games.

Morocco vs. Iran

Morocco – In the last six matches, Morocco won last five matches, and all of them in a series mean consecutive wins. Morocco only had one draw match with was against Mali with the margin of 0 – 0 at the FIFA World Cup 2018  African Qualifying Third Round. Besides, Morocco had won against Gabon, Korea Rep, Ivory Coast, Serbia, Uzbekistan with the results of 3 – 0, 3 – 1, 2 – 0, 2 – 1, and 2 – 0 respectively.

Group B Match

One of the best thing about the games that all the matches had the FIFA World Cup Live Streaming here. Those matches were the part of FIFA World Cup African Qualifying Third Round and International Matches.

IR Iran Updates

On the other side, Iran is fighting a battling to get in line, and they proved that they are one of the best contenders for FIFA World Cup 2018 . In the last six matches, Iran only lost one game, had one draw and won previous four matches. Iran had a draw with Russia in the international game by 1 – 1 and had lost from Tunisia at the same tournament with 0 – 1 margin.

It had won recent four games but not in a row. The country won against Panama, Venezuela, Sierra Leone, and Algeria with the ending results of 2 -1, 1 – 0, 4 – 0, and 2 – 1 respectively.

Group B Match

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In the recent history, Morocco had only two matches with the Iran. First match was in the year 1978 in the Presidents Cup and Morocco had lost that match by 0 – 2. The second match was in the year 2002 – LG Cup and unfortunately, Morocco also lost that match from the penalties after the 1 – 1 draw.

Now they are infront of each other and it will be fun to watch the Morocco vs Iran live streaming.