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Portugal vs Spain Live Streaming-Match Prediction-Group B

Group B – Portugal vs. Spain

One of the greatest matches of FIFA World Cup is going to play on 15th June 2018 at Russia. Portugal vs. Spain formally known as The Iberian War and the only reason their clashed called The Iberian War because it is one of the oldest and national level rivalries.

The first match was held in the year 1921 and it was friendly FIFA World Cup 2018 match between Portugal vs Spain and the final results were 1 – 3. Spain won that match by the very good margin. Apart from that Spain had 35 meetings with Portugal and in those meetings Spain won 18 matches, they had 12 Draws and Portugal only won 6 matches.

Portugal against Spain –



It seems very clear that Spain is the strongest contender in this upcoming match but apart from that Portugal recently won the UEFA Euro 2016 France Cup. So, it is hard to say which team is going to win the upcoming match.
FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Streaming will be available here and on the internet, you can watch the live streaming of every single match and besides, it will also have the minute’s updates from the match.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group B Match 3 will be held on Fisht Olympic Stadium and the match will start from 7 O’clock onwards. Both are the toughest team of FIFA World Cup 2018 and it will be much fun to watch the live streaming.

In the last 6 games, Spain had 4 winnings and 2 draws and the international matches fixtures, Spain won against Costa Rica and Argentina by the margin of 5 – 0 and 6 – 1 respectively, and had 2 draws against Germany and Russia. In the FIFA World Cup European Qualifying Group G, Spain won against Israel and Albania from 1 – 0, 3 – 0 respectively.


On the other hand, in the last 6 games, Portugal also had 4 winnings, 1 Draw and lost a match. In the International Match, Portugal lost against Netherlands from 0 – 3, had a draw against USA and Won against Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Andorra from 3 – 0, 2 – 1 and 2 – 0 respectively.


Besides, Spain had won 3 matches against Portugal and Portugal only won 2 matches, in the last 5 games. It is time to see who the biggest and toughest team in the world is and they’re going against each other once again. Here also find the complete FIFA 2018 Schedule.



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